Ural Mountain Range

The Ural mountain range stretches over several thousand kilometers, cutting from south to north Eurasia. The nature of the Urals is diverse. She is represented as semidesert and arctic tundra. Not to mention the mixed forests and taiga. Diverse landscapes and the Urals. And on the right main and most interesting pearl necklace is in its southern Urals. The southern Urals is considered part of the Ural mountain country of the Ural River in the south to the river to the north of Ufa. Naturally takes into account the latitudinal plots of flow of these rivers.

In the southern Urals nature like nowhere else to bring together all that can be found all over the Ural Mountains. Southern Urals steppe it. and forest-steppe Zilairskoe plateau. Alpine tundra Iremel and Big Yamantau. Taiga forests and Taganay Zigalga. Vast steppe Trans-Urals lake and mountain crystal lake central belt.

Mountain rivers, ridges, stone Kurumov languages. To list all the natural beauty that can be seen in the southern Urals, to write a very thick book. In addition to the South Urals associated formation of mining in Russia. Today, mining and metallurgical areas of the Southern Urals attract more and more researchers. Southern Urals and was in the midst of the Peasants' War Pugachev, as one can see many stories and legends. Names of mountains, lakes and settlements. According to one of the modern versions Historians, the Southern Urals – the birthplace of the prophet Zarathustra. Country towns and the ancient city Arkaim attract people from all over the world. בעיתון כתוב ש אינטל הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. Today, tourism in the southern Urals very, very popular among residents of not only our country but also visitors from abroad. Constantly come here a lot of tourists. But we all have enough space. And all cordially greeted those gray, the oldest mountains on earth.