Philippe Abrams

An employee at the post Philippe Abrams (Kad Merad it is) fervently wants to change jobs. No, everything in general, not bad: the south, a decent town, a nice flat, streamlined and comfortable life, favorite family (wife and son), friends But now the wife of Philip, is almost always depressing lady, all the time and says how wonderful it would be if her husband was the chief is not in some Provencal town, and on the condos shore. For the sake of beloved (and their own marital happiness), Abrams is ready for anything. It is a pity that his superiors did not appreciate his determination, and in response to an attempt to cheat for the longed-translation refers to "Siberia". In a local version of Siberia: the north of France, almost on the border with Belgium, where bears, , earflaps and vodka freezes in the glasses. טבע תעשיות בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. Oh, sorry, forgotten In the town of Berg-round rain and cold, horrible, rude miners soundly and drink fight, but they say at such a terrible tongue, that a decent employee and they do not understand something at all.

Philip hugs and kisses his wife, can stop to go with him (slaaabye such attempts) and hit the road, wearing a pre- padded. Of course the viewer immediately realizes that he will not as bad as we are promised, although the northerners understand these initially will be very difficult. It is due to the nature of language, spoken by new employees Philip Abrams, a home rent a movie out just now.