Henry Stanley

In the language of the people living here, Ruwenzori means' the Creator of the rain. טבע תעשיות בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. " Accurately and not say: saturated with moisture the air flow from the jungles of the Congo, climb the slopes of the Ruwenzori and cool rain falling on the ground. As a result of mining the top is almost always shrouded in a dense blanket of clouds. Melt water from glaciers and abundant rainfall feed the river – one of the sources of the Nile. But the mountains also have another name – Moon Mountain. Since ancient times, it is associated with the Moon has always been fanned by mysticism.

It is known that the Greek astronomer and mathematician Ptolemy (90-168 years BC) knew of the existence of lunar mountains. According to him the Lunar mountains – it's covered with snow African Uplands, located at near the equator where there are two lakes, which are the source of the Nile. One of the greatest travelers Henry Stanley in his book 'In the wilds of Africa' (1890) tries to prove that the lunar mountains Ptolemy – a mountainous Ruwenzori country, as it lies almost under the equator, and with its snowy peaks flow down the rivers that feed the lakes Albert and Victoria, and which give rise to the great River Nile. However, some modern geographers argue that in times of Ptolemy could not have known of these lakes is that the scientists are only able to use the data obtained by them from Egypt only on the northernmost tributary of the Nile – the River Atbara – and so took Lake Tana, which implies the Atbara, for original source of the Nile.