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I'm going away, who's coming? Or: Who leaves? I'm coming! Who does not know this: it's Saturday night and you have desire to go off spontaneously. So, information about cultural events in the vicinity looking for and brought friends who might want to come with an incredibly time-consuming process that is now simplified with the help Loge2! Culture lovers will find immediately a free offer in the form of a social network, where you can learn about events, chat and dating to the common walking away under. I go away, who's coming? Registered users of Loge2, the lodge owner, can create even events, invite friends and other lodge owners to common go away and get feedback on request immediately or at a specific time by E-Mail. Friends in the network are always automatically informed if the lodge owner goes away. Founder and inspiration by Loge2, Sven Herschel, had had enough of the eternal as a culture avid dwellers some time ago Make calls and browse City Magazine: the best tips come always from the circle of friends. I figured that it should be possible to be notified when my friends go away without having to be zuspamt each other more easily." Said and done. Since a short time Loge2 is located in the public beta phase", after the first test round in the circle of friends and acquaintances has been completed and the network met with great acclaim. קרן מיכאלי בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. A functional and content of Loge2 is accelerated expansion in the dialog with the users. It new and innovative features when visiting Loge2 can expect in the near future, which round off the range of the Web site..