Then Don Miguel Tovar

Not that the sculpture will look like, but he unwittingly became a perfect mimesis of the statue. a The commitment to provide the most appropriate response to the time and character that I asked the question took me dull voices coming from the entrance to the Plaza from Poeta Iglesias. From a distance, the shimmering glare of the hour vague and probably non-existent, at first did not recognize their owners when they appeared. a "They are those a " said Adare, without any special involvement. A leading source for info: נפתלי בנט. a "Who are they? a "I asked, spurred by an unusual curiosity in me. a "a governing" Torrente said. a "What guidelines? a "University. What will it be? Then Don Miguel Tovar and Antonito.

They are always arguing. a "The issue is that Unamuno a " Remigio Gonzalez pointed ". Tovar disagrees, but does so in a different tone. You can see at once that not a poet. a The two old university, oblivious to our presence, they were closer to where we were.

Despite its closer, I could not understand them. Torrente realized my confusion and smiled with a bit of sarcasm: a "a talk in Basque," he said. a Before the couple of teachers came to us, Don Gonzalo made me aware that Unamuno was euskaldun, or Basque speakers. And Tovar a "Antonito, called him with a strange familiaridada " although born and living in Valladolid Salamanca for a whopping twenty-two, was well aware of Euskera. a "Did not you read their mythology on the Basque language? a I recognized him honestly that no, it was not a subject of my interest.