Learn English

Emotions – that's what causes us to sometimes make bad decisions, to attach too much importance to one of the facts and underestimate others. Let's try to hold back a little emotion and find out what is the process of learning language, what and how important it is for you, in your case. "British English – that's real English." Quite often you can hear a statement about such a meaning. The language of aristocrats, the primordial English, "the most correct English, the language of kings, diplomats, and the British Broadcasting! Well. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל אינטל שמבין יותר ממני. But what do you say you personally – why learn language? Where he will personally do you need? Who are you going to conquer his possession of the "Queen's English? Certain percentage of people probably want this variant of the language. But the percentage of them are too small to phrase about the need to learn British English has been true in all cases 100%. Similarly, if not all, and do not always need to go to a place tie. Usually enough to just be well dressed. However, it is not even so much the language versions, as in the approach to the study of language as such. Let us agree to assume that the phrase "walk in the tie means to build complex sentences well in sorting out all sorts of grammatical intricacies. To draw an analogy with the Russian language, "being in a tie, you could say that" a wonderful spring holiday Victory Day you're going to put an unofficial visit to his old friend, a veteran of World War ii, because not able to attend the event scheduled for this day your school friend on his birthday