The Real Power Of Danzo

In the latest episodes of Naruto manga, Sasuke had faced an incredible battle against one of the elders of the Leaf Village, a group member who ordered the destruction of the entire Uchiha clan, a person who had a position leadership when the people Hitachimatar ordered everyone he loved, I'm talking about nothing more and nothing less than Danzo. Danzo was supposed to be part of the good, but from the beginning, the manga has created a sense of uncertainty among readers, dance has always been guarded by the main characters, people I was never around and he controlled forces secret Leaf Village queimpuso a jutsu in which they are bound to silence. It was always suspect and knew that Madara hated him, or at least had some kind of resentment towards him, but it was not until these last episodes, where we realized their true intentions. It turns out that he had formed a powerful group of ninja loyal to him with special abilities to protect and control people around who have power, and with this began experimenting on himself and others, supported this research by Orochimaru.

l always seemed a crippled man, but it turns out he was one of the most powerful ninjas of Leaf Village, beneath all the bands that had always brought him a lot of eyes sharingan Uchiha clan probably stolen when the slaughter was implemented by the hands of the very Hitachianos before the battle with Sasuke.Y in his right shoulder was one of Orochimaru's experiments, a face very similar to the first hokage, probably one of the experiments conducted with the evil ninja taken some of the cells to test the ability to merge extract water and earth elements to create and develop elcapacidad plants or wood. Danzo proved a powerful rival to fight was very close to kill sasuke with a super special genjutsu, the most powerful weapon available to a user of sharingan if they are willing to sacrifice their view siempre.Fue can switch to reality and make his own death in a dream during the time that the eyes remained abriertos. לחץ כאן חברת טבע ומצא עוד . You must be wondering how Sasuke was able to kill him, well, this can be found and more with us, following us from time to time.