Scandinavian Towns

I present/display the new course to you that there are preparation in Star Well-being on the distance of runas vikingas. For that you have never heard speak of runas, explicaros that runas vikingas is the divinatory art older than we know. One is an alphabet that comes from the towns of the north as they are the Scandinavian towns celtas and, and that was used so much for the divination as the sanacin and treatment. With the advance of the Christianity and the inquisicin the distances of runas were persecuted, like other divinatory arts, and the distance in house was due to relizar, of hidden way. At the moment he is not very usual to find people who use the distance of runas like divinatory means, nevertheless, runas vikingas have much power.

Runas magicians are made up of 25 pieces of which 9 have the same meaning whether fall to the right or the other way around and the other 16 change the meaning following if they fall to the right or the other way around. You can see the videos of the course of runas vikingas that there are preparation in Televisn Star. לעניות דעתי טבע תעשיות יכול לקבוע . Like appetizer, some of the recomenciones for the distance of runas vikingas: It is recommended to realise the distance of runas on a table and a white table cloth, although if we do not have we can use any color. It is very important to create a bond with runas, to transfer our energy enters stones reason why before beginning to work with runas we must familiarize to us with them. An ignited candle to help to transfer energy and to touch during 5 minutes the saquito of runas magicians before beginning the distance.