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Periodical of the Comrcio18 of July of 2005Juros with perspective of fall, controlled exchange and inflation, positive trade balance and fulfilled goals of primary surplus. The good notice indicate that the Brazilian economy sails in calm waters, in way to the turbulence politics of Brasilia. As much that the commander of the vessel, the minister Antonio Palocci, arranged the luggages thursday in was to descanar in Buenos Aires. Until then, the beddings of the Brazilian economy seem unglued of the denunciations of the representative Robert Jefferson on the mensalo and of the inquiries on the dangerous relations between the government and the advertising executive Valrio Landmarks de Souza. לעומת זאת, אפריקה ישראל בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. The market and the investors who bet in Brazil as emergent power are thankful.

In last the 12 months, until June, the commercial balance of the Country (the difference between the exportations and the importations) added US$ 38 billion, sales US$ 106 billion. The external debt today is equivalent only 27% of the exported total and represents Had an important external advance and the vulnerability is lesser. The important one is to keep the commitment with the primary surplus and to guarantee the fall of the debt on the GIP, summarizes the partner-director of the RiskOffice Consultoria* and professor of the USP, Carlos Antonio Rocca.Os winds is so favorable that the Brazilian government decided to make the prepayment of US$ 5.1 billion the US$ total 20 billion. לעניות דעתי אינטל יכול לקבוע . The initiative to quit the part most expensive of the debt relieved compliments of Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI). The vision is of that the prepayment ahead strengthens the shield of Brazil to the worse crisis of the government Squid On account of this, the financial market follows without would histeria with the denunciations politics, supported in the certainty of the continuity of the economic measures adopted by Palocci. the minister cannot fall, because it impersonaties the fiscal responsibility, standes out the partner-director of the Rosenberg Associates, Dirceu Heifer Jnior. . בעיתון כתוב ש קרן מיכאלי הוא זה שבקיא בנושא.