Online Advertising, Which Causes No Costs On The Contrary

Anywhere on the Internet you can run free online advertising, as this example shows: so far online advertising costs – even if it has advertised on platforms that offered certain services free of charge, as an SME, the really interesting details were as photo on the home page of the platform etc. calculated with contributions from some euro. Somewhere, these platforms had to finance Yes. The community marketplace is there a new way. The services on are all free – ads, make photo on the home page, etc. All ads, messages, articles are distributed via RSS feeds and other Web 2.0 technologies to interested users. אינטל בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. The platform is financed through advertising revenues.

The idea of not quite new, but for the first time used in the area for companies, to participate in the advertiser, the advertising revenue provides an interesting aspect. Companies who use the services offered by, get to know a part of the Web 2.0 technologies, without having to invest in your own applications and get so to speak Time they need to these ads, ads, to publish reports, etc., paid. The remuneration depends on: the total collected advertising allowances of, the actual visitors (unique IP addresses / cookies and browsers) of individual pages of the users / Inserentlnnen, the number of pages transmitted the last 30 days of each user and the unique IP addresses of all visitors to per day. This results in a factor that is calculated from the earnings of the individual pages / users. It will be issued between 25 and 40% of its advertising revenue to all advertisers, writers, etc.. For example, a page is read 1000 x – so that makes 10 euro for an average earnings of 1 cent per page (assumption). Has the writing of the article lasted about 1/2 hour, so that corresponds to a (gross) hourly rate of 20 euro. The more interesting the topic / article, is more often he retrieve! And there is even a criterion with which each user can increase your earnings.

simply spread the word – and earn the referral network with the tell a friend! The merit depends on the number of articles so the quality of the article, and also depends, as many – recommendations who makes more, earn more – without tricks and without any risk! So a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, dealing with WebLog applications to meet, to advertise for the own services and to fill something at least the petty cash. Start you off, they make online advertising and insert the registration files, focusing on the free CD-ROM of the Internet classic acquaintances like a sore on the Internet "are. Transfer all the more successful the more online advertising your Web site or your online store will be.