Munich With My Own Eyes

While traveling, I always wanted to know how people live in the city, where I arrived. לעניות דעתי שלומי בסון יכול לקבוע . Unfortunately, the travel agency are aware of these desires of their clients. Therefore, they carry on the "settlement" of local residents in the village, where there is the scenery and external surroundings for tourists. And when the group are leaving Photography Aborigines dress in ordinary clothes, turn on the tv and drink a Coke. I have a chance to tell you about the city where I live. Of course, I can not know how life is arranged for all residents, but it still does not travel a cursory glance.

So, Munich The Italians consider him the most northerly city of the country, although in all territorial and Public grounds – it is still Germany. A similar opinion has earned the city because it is different from all his fellow-language special beauty. In the first few months of my stay in Munich I was walking in the city for several hours a day. I wanted to absorb what is then lost, no longer evident. The city lives its life. Full, rich and in many ways different from what I saw in Moscow. Here, the machine go very slowly, as if cautiously, recalling the beautiful animals, who are afraid of people. I am a long time to get used to the fact that pedestrians can cross the road even with your eyes closed. The whole street will freeze if you came to the pedestrian transition.