Horse Care

Sense and nonsense of various tinctures of hoof care. What is the recommended not everything to the (daily) hoof care? Here, in the first place, I call tar (which nowadays not more frequently applied to happiness). We look at first of all the usual advertising. לעניות דעתי אינטל יכול לקבוע . He protects from thrush, by making a moisture barrier. בעיתון כתוב ש Ilan Ben Dov הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. I think much of this theory, actually I think the whole bare nonsense.

The moisture barrier any exchange of moisture. In addition, all possible bacteria and other pathogens under a fine layer of tar are included. The hoof can reading and then at least see the tar layer alone before him. Tar is on the road, but not on the hooves of our sport – and leisure partners. Tar Yes not more widely used is oils and fats all the more. Somehow, one tends to find a freshly greased HUF visually beautiful.

Taste can be known well to discuss. About the purpose of an action is less. Because it depends on the facts. And talk to happen to fats and oils on the hoof. For one, the Horn can absorb grease. It is pure waste. On the other hand, oil and grease works water-repellent. In other words, the hoof moisture impeded in its natural function to record. I need to express my recommendation seems at this point: fat and oil does not belong on the hoof. Now we come to the interesting topic of moisture. I don't know why many horse owners believe the hoof needs moisture must in addition. Clearly, it can happen in the summer, that you must water as hoof carers the completely dried up, and correspondingly hard hooves before editing. But that happens only every 4-6 weeks. In between, a dry, hard hoof is quite desirable (in the summer). He does not so much worn namely on the also dry in the summer and hard floors. Here in addition to feed moisture the HUF would be rather counterproductive. Since then, the hoof is soft and worn excessively. The people are then (rather the horses) the in the come back to the fitting in case of favourable to HUF shoes, unfavourable case. Finally we come to a vast variety of tinctures, which I do not all can count on at this point. So far, I have found there a miracle cure. On the contrary, I will only resort to such means or recommend this if the use is really scientifically proven. And as lacking in all these funds. If someone from a compound is bombproof convinced, I look forward to a short message. I am willing that others even test, notify me or, where appropriate, to amend the articles. At the end of two comments. Everything your vet recommends, is of course outside. You should really apply and listen to your vet. What I've had good experiences is massage of the Crown margin with Laurel a light (attention, the Crown margin is as sensitive as the cuticle). This promotes blood circulation and thus growth. If the Horn is not formed in sufficient quantity and speed will you can here some help. And last but not least another very hot tip. (And we are the horse, so animal lovers) to simplify the life (and work) many times over the hoof carers, you should water very dry hooves of half an hour before the hooves processed.